Thank You for attending the premier of Pioneer Songs at Patriots Theater! We hope you had a powerful and purposeful experience. After the show, please take a moment to complete the brief survey in the Concert Program, or take the survey online. If you have the means, please consider making a donation to support our exciting civic projects to be held on January 26 and February 24, 2019 in this grand Theater! If you wish to take the survey only (without making a donation, or if you have already made one), please click here

Survey with Donation

Help us create a wave of lasting positive ripples from this amazing concert!

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Here is how Your donations will be utilized:

#1   Veterans of Foreign Wars foundation

A portion of all donations will go to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the VFW is currently doubling donations as part of their Veteran’s Day campaign so your donation will be twice as impactful

#2  January 26, 2019 Youth Orchestra Festival

The Patriots Arts Coalition has helped arrange a music Festival for 3 of our areas outstanding independently-operating Youth Orchestras (the Greater Princeton Youth Orchestra, the Youth Orchestra of Central Jersey, and Bravura).  The Festival provides the opportunity for youth to come together as a sense of unity for the love of orchestral music, give all the kids a chance to build confidence and character in the grand 1,850 seat Patriots Theater, and for everyone involved to hear an afternoon of delightful music made possible by the dedication of the kids, conductors, program directors, and all administrative staff that makes these independently-operating Youth Orchestras possible. These programs are a role model to help kids enhance their musical skills outside of school, and provide opportunities to participate in orchestra for kids who do not have the opportunity – for example schools that do not offer orchestra programs and home-schooled children. 

What we will do:

The Patriots Arts Coalition will use donations to help pay for children living in challenging conditions in Trenton and surrounding communities to attend the Festival. We will work with UIH Family Partners, Millhill Child and Family Development, and the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton, Every Child Valued and HomeFront in Lawrenceville, and other civic groups in our region to arrange for these children in difficult circumstances the opportunity to be inspired by the performing arts- and hopefully take up learning an instrument themselves! The Festival is being generously hosted by the Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey.

#3 February 24, 2019 tribute to African-American Composers

The Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey is performing a concert to celebrate Great African-American Composers of the 20th century, featuring accomplished African-American violinist Samuel Thompson.  In addition to a great afternoon of music for orchestra-lovers, the concert is an excellent environment for inspiration and empowerment for both adults and children living in challenging situations and in need of positive role models.

What we will do:

The Patriots Arts Coalition will use donations to help arrange a “night out” that enhances the feelings of empowerment and inclusion for adults and families that typically cannot attend such events due to financial constraints and/or the stigma that orchestra is “not for them.”  For families attending, another goal is to inspire the children to possibly take up a musical instrument.  Working with civic institutions, the Coalition will source nice clothes and shoes so that the participants can “dress up” for the concert- a way to enhance the reach of “Dress for Success” job-interview programs.  If sufficient funds are raised, we also hope to arrange for Uber, Lyft, and/or Taxi arrangements to take the participants to and from the concert.

These projects will be implemented in collaboration with our areas wonderful civic organizations that work tirelessly to help the less fortunate- including HomeFront, the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton/Mercer County, UIH Family Partners, and Every Child Valued

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If you would like to consider Sponsorship of our exciting civic projects in January and February, please contact or ph. 267-961-0556. Thank you!

The mission of the Patriots Arts Coalition, a registered NJ Non-Profit organization, is to help make the performing arts more purposeful on a variety of levels. We work with artistic groups to bring powerful and emotionally moving live performance art such as Pioneer Songs to the grand stage of Patriots Theater at the War Memorial, and create opportunities for youth development, multi-cultural performance art, and opportunities for the neglected to become inspired, included, and empowered at live artistic events. Always with the ever-present purpose of Patriotism to honor those who serve to protect our security and freedom to enjoy the arts, and revitalizing the culture and economy of Trenton.

The flagship center for hosting events- Patriots Theater at the War Memorial- is perfectly suited for a variety of performing arts; from music to dance, plays, opera, and cinema. Fabulous acoustics complement the romantic and exquisite interior, providing an ideal atmosphere for purposeful memories that last a lifetime. For more information, visit


Pioneer Songs was created by Eric Houghton, a faculty member of the Westminster Conservatory of Music. The symphony and choir performers are Westminster Community Orchestra and Chorus, and the Glassbrook Vocal Ensemble, under the direction of Conductor Ruth Ochs. The Westminster Conservatory is the Community branch of Westminster College of the Arts, and is a wonderful demonstration of the power of community music programs for both children and adults alike.